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The TradeIt iOS SDK provides an easy way to integrate TradeIt services into an iOS app.

There is also a runnable example app included with the SDK. Run the “Example App” target to try it out.

Check out our iOS guide for even more information.

Portfolio View

The portfolio view is an easy way to drop in a full view of your user’s portfolios with their balances and positions.

Trading Ticket

The Trading Ticket enables users to place, retrieve or cancel orders. We’re currently supporting all U.S. traded equities and funds.

Account Linking

The Account Linking flow allows the end user to link their account to your app to support Portfolio View and/or Trading Ticket. When the user initiates account linking in your app, they will be directed to the broker’s oAuth flow. The broker’s oAuth flow provides the necessary security and encryption for the user’s login credentials. The sample screens below showcase the account linking for our simulation broker (dummy broker) but highlight how a broker’s oAuth flow would spawn a browser window for the broker being linked.

Account Management

The Account Management feature provides users with the ability to relink their accounts when the token expires and/or unlink their account should they choose to do so. This feature supports both the Portfolio View and Trading Ticket and works similar to the account linking flow. When the user selects to relink their account, they will enter the account linking flow.


The Orders screens provides users with a view of all orders associated with their linked account - open and pending orders, partially filled orders and orders filled during the current trading day. A simple swipe down refreshes the page and with a swipe left, users can cancel an open order. These screens can be accessed from Portfolio View or Trading Ticket.


Users can monitor their account transactions through the Transaction screens which provide an inventory of their trades, deposits, dividends, interest, etc. All transactions are classified giving users the option to filter the view of their transactions by category. From the Portfolio View, users can select the activity menu to view these screens. These screens can also be stand alone if your app does not support portfolios but rather just account linking and trading.